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"I don't understand why that question should even come up," she added. "I'm here as long as my members want me to be here
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday sharply criticized this week's Supreme Court's decision striking down the aggregate campaign contribution limits. Pelosi told reporters Tuesday the Court was embracing a "government of the money."
"Our founders sacrificed everything -- their lives, their liberty, their sacred honor -- for a democracy. A government of
That disdain for women, Pelosi said, extends far beyond rhetoric. As she and some of her Democratic colleagues push a comprehensive
Kucinich said there needs to be much more than oversight. The American public is also not supportive of targeting people
"If we want our economy to flourish and grow, we must lift up women in our economy," Pelosi said. "Women in the academic
Pelosi dismisses predictions by most analysts that Democrats will fall far short of picking up the needed 25 seats to take
Pelosi initially balked at the question of whether she would remain the minority leader if Democrats don't take back the
Yet since October 2009, the Justice Department has conducted more than 170 aggressive SWAT-style raids in nine medical marijuana
During the interview, Stewart pressed Pelosi on the effectiveness of Congress and the Democratic party. "You lead the party