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In the immediate future, the releases will be from myself, remixes and some collaborations with other artists, a mix series
A native of South London, Jones is on the rise, with a forthcoming album, and brush with the mainstream. His understanding of both old school house and modern production give him a genuine vibe that just makes the dance floor come alive.
Website | Facebook | Soundcloud Hailing from the clean beaches of Orange County is Vanessa Barnes, a multi-faceted badass
I decided to continue playing music from my heart and that I believed in. Be it trendy, popular or not. To be honest nothing
Morena: What is something you are into right now? Whether it be a hobby, person, food, color, artist, musician, song, album
Drew G has gone from the smaller rooms of New York City and had a stratospheric ride, spinning for some of the biggest crowds and at some of the biggest venues in the world.
Though Kryder's goals for both Sosumi and The Cartel are similar, there are a few differences that separate the two. "The
What was the BBC Radio 1 talent search competition like? I was DJing a lot and also putting on my own nights. I listened
From the famed event production group, the Do Lab, comes the second annual Woogie Weekend taking place at Oak Canyon Park
Recording the album. The MK album. I took almost four months off of touring. I signed with Sony about a year and half ago