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How is the tour going? The tour name is based off a record label I'm launching called HOMEWERK, with the first release being
A native of South London, Jones is on the rise, with a forthcoming album, and brush with the mainstream. His understanding of both old school house and modern production give him a genuine vibe that just makes the dance floor come alive.
As a result, however, she has found inspiration in the many women who have made it in the industry and are currently reshaping
Soundcloud | Facebook Lee: The beats of Die Antwoord tracks, Salman Rushdie books, lenticular clouds. What is something that
Lafa: I wrote, directed and edited the music video. I called in my homie and past music video co-conspirator, Martin Estevez
Drew G has gone from the smaller rooms of New York City and had a stratospheric ride, spinning for some of the biggest crowds and at some of the biggest venues in the world.
Kryder's longtime partner-in-crime, Tom Staar, is a huge part of The Cartel, being one of the few people whom he can trust
How do you see the genre evolving? It's come a bit full circle. We are at a time where house music is so popular. It will
Website | Facebook | Event Famous for their unique branding, picturesque stage design, and masterfully curated lineups, the
How does it feel to have that sort of control over the vocals that are being used on the tracks you are making in instead
In the 80’s and early 90’s, Black gay men often flocked to a sacred space - the dance floor - if only for a few hours.
You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, which is exactly why you're invited to glide through what you missed, or relive what you might have experienced in NYC when on the brink of summer, Central Park's Summer stage kicked off with two British ensembles.
Some of his friends have gathered us up to take us out to lunch. Add, Dodo, couple of other people. Still no Tarn. Does she
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In 2002 Josh met a beautiful Thai woman named Chalomejit Looktarn Junkate. Tall, 5'9" with dimples and a sweet voice that spoke very little English, Josh was smitten.
In November 2000 Josh was commissioned to organize, stage manage and DJ the ACA World Sound Festival (
Website | Facebook | TheUntz Diverse in its genres yet cohesive in its sound, The Untz has curated a music festival that
With an iconic song like "We Are Family" to her credit, it would seem easy for Kathy Sledge to rest on her laurels. Fortunately for fans, that's not an option.
The Grammy-nominated, relatively anonymous producer announced his 2016 Neon City tour.