House Of Representatives

"What they’re trying to do now is cancel people," said Rep. Jim McGovern (Mass.), the congressman who started the contretemps.
Several Republicans traveled to New York on Thursday, potentially depriving the committee of needed votes.
Iran’s April 13 attack laid bare a double standard in support for Ukraine and Israel — but it also broke the logjam that had hurt the Eastern European country.
Firebrand Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene said she wanted the party to meet on Johnson’s future but stopped short of saying she’ll try to force his ouster.
The speaker’s tenuous status within his own party leaves Democrats wondering how to navigate House GOP “cannibalism.”
With the House GOP looking to move on foreign aid packages, the Louisiana Republican is striking defiant tone.
After a week of wrangling, the bill will go to the Senate with a shorter renewal period than originally sought.
Not since 1876 has a Cabinet secretary faced impeachment charges and it's the first time a sitting secretary is being impeached.
The House's efforts are a “cynical political maneuver,” Biden's administration said.