House of the Dragon

The “Game of Thrones” author — who has been protesting on the picket lines — also announced his deal with HBO has been “suspended.”
HBO's "Game of Thrones" prequel series will forge ahead with production even as most other film and TV sets have gone dark.
The series will take place between the main events of "Game of Thrones" and the prequel "House of the Dragon."
“I just can’t do it,” the actor, who starred as Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO show’s predecessor series, “Game of Thrones,” quipped.
The "House of the Dragon" star also talked about why their nomination was "beautifully ironic."
"If the unimaginable has happened to you, watching a tasteless portrayal of it in a show that’s centered around dragons — yes, dragons — is a total gut punch."
Barrie Gower researched disorders like necrosis and leprosy to make King Viserys' decline "very grounded in the real world of horrible diseases."
"It wasn’t just done ... to tick a box," co-creator Ryan Condal told TheWrap.
Geeta Patel, who directed Episode 8, spoke about how Matt Smith’s response to an on-set screw-up changed — and elevated — a pivotal scene.
A clip of the actor discussing cocktails with co-star Olivia Cooke is so hot, it’s left many social media users needing a strong drink... or a cold shower.