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"This agreement uses gimmicks to balance the budget, and does so on the backs of the poor and the middle class and senior
I am not exaggerating. The GOP voted to eliminate the estate tax. But the estate tax only applies to estates larger than $5.4 million for an individual and $10.9 million for couples. Eliminating the estate tax would benefit only 5,500 families in America (.02 percent of the population).
The House is set to vote Wednesday on budgets for the government that would significantly cut domestic spending through measures
"I think reconciliation language will be a motivating reason for, I think, many of us to lean toward supporting the budget
He said the failed transportation and housing measure was the first major attempt by Republicans to pass an appropriations
"In the past four years, the Senate hadn't done a budget. That means the process stopped," Ryan told CNN last month. "What
Despite support among most Republicans, Ryan's budget has no chance of becoming law, given that Democrats control the Senate
Democrats' "Ryan Hocus Pocus Memo" Read the full memo here: The policy paper -- released Thursday and decorated with Ryan
Paul Ryan explains budget that would cut $4.6 trillion.
Many Republicans swallowed hard to pass the measure, acknowledging the difficulty of dealing with budget fights amid a presidential
"We increase the spending for defense due to the priorities that we feel are most important and the constitutional requirement
In the same Facebook post, West also aligns himself with a Wall Street Journal editorial from Tuesday that hails "the reform
Now, during another weeklong recess for the House, Ryan seems to be trying to improve the narrative around his budget, although
“What you want to have is a system where people voluntarily migrate to better outcomes, better solutions, better options
Her approach will be similar to the House Democrat strategy in 2005, when President George W. Bush wanted to privatize Social
But Boehner said he would defer to House Budget Chairman Ryan (R-Wis.), who led the Republican effort to draft a budget proposal