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While the Hill continues to turn the other cheek, New York City has chosen to take immigration reform into its own hands by creating a new municipal identification card program -- a move other cities would be smart to follow.
By Richard Cowan Furthermore, the House immigration debate could unfold as a seasonal spike of illegal migration from Central
Republican lawmakers slammed President Barack Obama for announcing Thursday that he would act unilaterally to provide deportation
The congressman had worked on his bill with both Republican and Democratic members, but specifically singled out Gutierrez
"Whether they came in illegally or whether they entered the country legally and overstayed a visa or a visa waiver, they
Boehner said he told Obama on Wednesday "that every time he does this, it makes it harder to gain the trust of our members
The race between Cantor and Brat culminated in a battle over whether the majority leader is pro-"amnesty." Brat said he was
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairman Rubén Hinojosa (D-Texas) released a statement after the vote Thursday criticizing
Gutierrez said that the delay was "a mistake," but added that he thinks Obama is willing to make a major change if no legislation
"What xenophobia are they talking about, Mr. Speaker, is my question," he added. Senate Democrats held a press conference