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Rep. Don Beyer calls on experts to correct the bad info pushed by the Republican majority.
Why bother NASA when you can get your climate news from Breitbart?
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All in the interest of protecting ExxonMobil from state probes.
ExxonMobil executives may have intentionally misled the public about climate change – for decades. And the House Science
U.S. science and technology is not well-served when scientists are harassed by unqualified bullies in Congress.
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: House Republicans double-down in their ongoing war against climate scientists; October 2015 was
The latest tirade from Lamar Smith, Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology sheds light on the real reason for his demand that NOAA employees make available all email correspondence about their recent study on global warming.
Political intimidation to suppress scientific studies poses a grave danger to any society. Ironically, despite all the efforts of the Congressional Luddites, it is becoming abundantly clear to all Americans that global warming is an undeniable fact, and something that we need to deal with.
The Pope, by the way, is not bringing religion to the debate; he is simply acknowledging that the science is overwhelming and compelling, and given that, there is a moral obligation to act.