house select committee

The panel just last week said it would take a two-week break and resume after the congressional July Fourth recess.
Fox News didn’t broadcast the historic hearing, with its star anchor saying, “They are lying, and we will not let them do it.” Instead he chose conspiracies.
The violent mashup was contrasted with statements Trump and his allies made afterward characterizing the event as a peaceful protest.
His statement shows how Trump's inner circle failed to take concerns about the rule of law seriously.
The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol insurrection is set to unveil as-yet-unreleased video, audio and a mass of evidence in its prime-time hearing.
Trying to stave off electoral disaster, Democrats are setting their sights on the “next generation of the MAGA movement.”
The House select committee plans to lay out Trump’s attempt to overthrow the 2020 election to stay in power during its two-week series of public hearings.
Jason Sullivan reportedly encouraged extremists to "descend on the Capitol" on the day Congress convened to certify the election.
House select committee also revealed a text to Mark Meadows that referred to "details" about a call to legislators "convened" by Navarro and including Trump.
"He was able to voluntarily provide information to us, to verify, substantiate," Rep. Elaine Luria said as the House committee continues to probe the U.S. Capitol riot.