house speaker

How hard is it to hold elected officials' feet to the fire, especially with social media and recorded footage of them spouting mistruths ad nauseam?
“The ultimate goal of the enemy is silencing the Gospel," the Republican said in 2004 after Jewish parents sued a school for pushing Christianity on their kids.
“When the founders set this system up, they wanted a vibrant expression of faith in the public square," the newly minted House speaker said.
Just last month, McCarthy told reporters he was “not resigning” from the House and would run for reelection.
Covenant Eyes bills itself as a “screen accountability” app that can help subscribers “quit porn for good.”
Cutting IRS funding may make an aid bill easier to pass in the House, but it feeds the dynamic that nearly led to a government shutdown earlier in the year.
Some Republicans worry the infighting that essentially shuttered the House for three weeks will serve as an obstacle in next year's elections.
An ark replica with dinosaurs "is one way to bring people to this recognition ... that what we read in the Bible are actual historical events,” Mike Johnson said.
Come for the Noah's Ark theme park, stay for the relentless efforts to strip women's and LGBTQ+ rights.
House Republicans' latest choice, Rep. Mike Johnson, is officially the next speaker.