house speaker

When Rep. Kevin McCarthy emerged from the messy 15-ballot election in January to become House speaker, he said he was emboldened by the fight.
Cameron Sexton said rejecting nearly $1.8 billion of federal K-12 education dollars would let officials to "educate the kids how Tennessee sees fit."
“President Trump had no influence on the votes, myself or any of my colleagues," said Rep. Bob Good, one of the "Never Kevin" holdouts.
The MSNBC host grilled the Black Republican on his qualifications for speaker and it got awkward.
The Republican South Carolina lawmaker accused Gaetz of exploiting the House speaker fiasco for donations.
He was like "your friend at the bachelor party, who’s getting beaten so badly at the blackjack table you start to think about calling his wife,” smirked Kimmel.
It took 14 failed votes and days of being publicly humiliated, but hey, the California Republican got what he wanted.
The far-right Florida lawmaker's pledge got critics wisecracking.
The "Late Night" host isn't minding the paralysis in the House and gave his funny reasons why.
The talk show host was mocking the GOP's House speaker impasse when he went off-topic to zing the extremist lawmaker.