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Progressives say she is too moderate, too quick to cut deals. Those who fought alongside her disagree.
Pelosi, speaker from 2007 to 2011, was certain she will hold it again. Her foes were equally confident they have the votes to stop her.
It's going to be an interesting seven months.
As he announced his retirement from Congress, Paul Ryan says he achieved “a heck of a lot” as Speaker of the House.
He insisted on weekends with his family when he took the job. Here's how that's working out.
Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans rolled out a new plan on Tuesday to fight poverty and help Americans move up the
"We had a very good and very productive phone call," Ryan told reporters.
Ahead of their highly anticipated meeting in Washington on Thursday, putative Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has called for the deportation of House Speaker Paul Ryan.
A key part of the conversation is sure to be Trump's combative, in-your-face campaign persona and Republican leaders' requests for him to tone it down.
Lawyers for the Illinois Republican cite damage to his reputation in asking judge for probation.