house speaker race

Stuart Stevens, author of a new book on the GOP’s embrace of authoritarianism, said the party made a “terrible deal for power.”
Florida state Sen. Annette Taddeo is in position to unseat GOP Rep. Maria Salazar in a majority Latino district that includes Miami’s Little Havana.
She could find a way to be speaker of the House again, but something will have to change.
They don't like his reluctance to take a job nobody wants.
The top Democrat's endorsement may not help Ryan's potential bid.
The hardline conservative caucus, which has endorsed another House member, isn't ruling out Paul Ryan.
He also had words of caution for Paul Ryan.
If no Republican candidate to lead the House can win 218 votes, the only option may be a deal with the other party.
Republicans view a long political résumé like "a rap sheet," he said.