household income

Seattle: $72,092 Low costs of living make it easier for El Paso residents to make ends meet with the $42,037 median income
Here's how much we spend on travel, pets, fast food and more.
We never could've afforded to keep Elysha at home for what will now be seven years had we not made enormous sacrifices in order to do so. Sacrifices that I suspect many people don't see when they peer into our lives.
While Boston is rapidly becoming a hub of opportunity for some, the breadth of this financial instability exposes an inequality of opportunity that hurts both families and Boston's long-term economic prospects. If we want to begin to address inequality, we must ensure that families have the tools necessary to become economically resilient.
H/T: CNBC Things are looking pretty good for the superrich. According to the Wall Street Journal, that record total was around
Washington, D.C., rules everything, apparently: These numbers come from new Census Bureau data on income, poverty and health
It turns out, we get results in the places we invest. The question is, are we investing in the right places?
Occasionally I run into people who want to argue that the increase in inequality is just the benign outcome of "just desserts" as economist Greg Mankiw frames it. It may boost those at the top, but not at the expense of others. By this metric, not so.
According to the Wedding Report, a compilation of statistics and market research for the wedding industry, couples spent