household spending

A new Pew report shares the bad news about paying for basic needs.
If you think you can save your way to wealth, you’re wrong. Spending less than you make is not the path to riches. Instead, wealth comes and goes as asset prices – real estate, stocks, and bonds – rise and fall.
"I just think this boom is going to keep going," said Kim Hale, superintendent at the Dakota Landing site, who was himself
The overall measure of buying plans for durables and vehicles fell to 125 from 132. "It wasn't a huge miss, and the average
A video-game system for her 9-year-old son? It's a thing of the past. Monthly pedicures? That's ancient history, too. Read
You work hard every day, doing everything you can to bring more bacon home, and trim the fat from your spending. But it still
The effect on unemployment appears to be especially dire: Austerity measures are generally followed by a jump in long-term