Take your time, or else.
Thinking of adopting a new plant? Here are some plants that will bloom even in the wintertime.
Welcome to the #houseplantclub 🌿
We've all been there: The houseplant that was so vibrant when you brought it home from the garden center is suddenly shriveled and sad-looking. Perhaps you forgot to water it, or watered it too much, or overdid it on the sunlight--but don't give up.
Don't be so quick to write off the succulent trend.
There are things we can do to avoid getting trapped in our winter doldrums and are eco-friendly at the same time. Here are six green techniques that can improve your mood each winter.
The sStaghorn Fern is like a living pair of antlers on your wall. I found mine at Pollen this Spring. During the Summer it
Dragon Fruit. Having gardened in places other than Hawaii, I assumed this was a gentle euphemism for red dye No. 40, from the folks selling sports and vitamin waters. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.
Emily surprised me with a new plant on my birthday. We named her Federika. I thanked Emily a thousand times, all the while thinking, Holy, shit, if this thing dies I am totally f*cked. Please, God, don't let this f*cker die.