A Toya podcast could be definitely something that would be "must listen" podcast. Yes honey, that TBH- "Toya Being Honest
Domestic women are portrayed onscreen as hysterical, soap opera-loving dimwits. It’s time to change that.
Speaking of your daughters (Grace, twins Angel and Adore) how are they dealing with the fact that their Mom is about to me
This harrowing tale has no moral, no message, no prophetic omen. Just a simple caveat to military spouses everywhere: Self
Its been nearly three months since Teresa Giudice reported to the Danbury Connecticut federal correctional facility, and the family opened up about just how much has changed.
Jessica Grose does some particularly pointed desconstructing over on Double X this week, asking “Why Do We Call Them ‘Stay
Party Hopping on Monday June 25, with former Real Housewives Of N.J. castmate Kim G. was a laugh and a scream a minute. It's always a peak experience when Kim is around, especially during Gay Pride Week in NYC.
I recently caught up with Jacqueline, Chris, and most of the Manzos at the Samsung Hope for Children Gala at the Museum of Natural History in New York, and Jacqueline had a lot to say about Teresa and the Gia Giudice nonsense.
My son and I have often marveled at how creative the editing team can be especially when it comes to editing what Alexis says. It's a bit like discovering a cornucopia of gaffes. But what I'm thankful for is that their dysfunctions make Tuesday nights one of the highlights of my week.