Men stepped up during the first wave, and then backslid. Here's how to reengage them, according to couples therapists.
Stuck in a time of unrelenting domestic labor, many women have looked to escape through creative projects.
As Marie Kondo's Netflix series shows, decluttering and organizing can do wonders for your relationship.
It turns out that you ARE doing the dishes because of the patriarchy.
While some things may need a daily scrubbing (we're looking at you, kitchen counters), there are other chores you can do less often, or stop doing altogether.
Want to eliminate your dry-cleaning chore from your to-do list? Using a free pick-up and delivery dry cleaners will save you hours over the course of a month. Find one in your area that offers quality cleaning service, and with the free added convenience of having it picked up and hand-delivered to your front door.
While my life feels exhausting, it is also deeply engaging and fulfilling. And, while the balancing act is often stressful, my family and I are incredibly insulated from real stresses. We're safe, we're healthy, we're well-fed and well-educated.
“My little baby girl, you’re all grown-up now,” says an older man in an Indian ad for laundry detergent that made the rounds
A: Start with the philosophical: Like any mammal parent, your job as a parent is to put yourself out of a job, and raise