housing affordability

There's a great spot in every region.
Likewise, if you are willing to give a seller more time to close, he or she might sweeten the deal by leaving behind a hot
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That was the idea, anyway. Seven years later, housing isn't a drag on the economy, but it's not leading the recovery, either
It's a key economic issue, but good luck hearing about it at a debate.
Despite their poor reputation, such loans remain a key tool in easing the housing affordability crisis and expanding the
Why you should ditch your unaffordable apartment and move to Des Moines.
Two-thirds of residents say they live in the "greatest city in the world," yet many of those people are barely getting by.
All Canadians, including middle income and lower income households, should enjoy the benefits of rising incomes, not having them eaten away by higher house prices that rise substantially faster. This requires serious policy reforms where urban containment is in place and avoiding implementation elsewhere.
San Francisco has used both city and federal funding to put roofs over vets' heads, like renovating the former Stanford Hotel