Housing and Urban Development

Elizabeth Warren grilled Ben Carson and called him out for his "unwillingness" to do his job.
Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Ben Carson finally answers questions from the House Appropriations Committee about the infamous $31,000 dining set purchase.
Ben Carson said he wasn't aware of the $31,000 price tag for his office dining set, but emails tell a different story.
The Tenement Museum offers a series of tours to curious patrons.
President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Dr. Ben Carson to be the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD
The press pool was still not quite sure what he meant. Trump tried again to explain to him why he was choosing Dr. Carson
"The promise of suburbia -- to live in nature amid the easy flow of cars -- has been betrayed. Sprawl is not sustainable; its growth chokes on itself," argued architect and urban planner Andrés Duany at the Congress for New Urbanism in Detroit.
NLIHC enthusiastically supports this bold new bill because it tackles the unacceptably high levels of homelessness in this country and will increase the supply of affordable housing for the country's lowest income households.
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy gave us a taste today of what can be achieved when good government works closely with caring and motivated constituents -- the end of veteran homelessness in his state.
After attending a presentation on the history of housing segregation and race, parent Wendy Jacobson decided to see what her son's AP history textbook had to say on the matter.