housing costs

At local minimum wage rates, a worker would have to put in 79 hours a week, nearly two full-time jobs, to afford a modest one-bedroom rental, a report finds.
The move will provide relief to tenants who have struggled to pay their rent during the coronavirus pandemic.
A new survey finds a median home in Hong Kong costs 19 times the median income.
The idea that you should spend 30 percent of your income on housing has been around for 47 years.
A new Pew report shares the bad news about paying for basic needs.
Tiny homes aren't typical homes, and this yurt is far from ordinary. Imported from Mongolia by SunTime Yurts in Leavenworth
“Remember that San Francisco is suffering through an affordability crisis caused in large part by a massive housing deficit
Rebecca Ross, a communication design lecturer at Central Saint Martins school, helped launch a platform for Britons to speak