housing discrimination

Apartment building owners are accused of keeping older people from seeing listings for available units. Facebook has faced legal action over ad tools before.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development effectively suspended the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule on May 18.
Congress passed the Fair Housing Act shortly after King was assassinated, but America’s segregation levels are still high.
Elizabeth Warren grilled Ben Carson and called him out for his "unwillingness" to do his job.
During a Senate hearing, Warren ripped the secretary for his short and ineffective HUD tenure.
In a message to staff, Carson insisted the housing department would still ensure inclusivity in housing.
Incumbent Mayor Marty Walsh and City Councilor Tito Jackson envision two very different futures for the city, epitomizing a divide on the left.
But proving that banks' misconduct harmed the cities directly will be an uphill battle.
On the subject of race, words matter. Negro, Black, Afro-American. As times changed after the Second World War, each one
A majority of Houston voters have expressed their willingness to discriminate against trans identified persons and most of the rest of us. They do not represent the majority of Houston residents. The voters had their turn. Now we must each find a way to express our unwillingness to join them.
Families with pit bulls have put a lot of time and effort into their search, and are likely looking to stay awhile. Retention of excellent tenants saves you time, money, & effort finding a new tenant and eliminates risk.
Landlords and their agents are restricted by civil rights laws from privately discriminating against prospective and current tenants. Yet, what does it mean for a landlord to discriminate? Here are the five ways a landlord can get sued under discrimination laws.
The St. Louis area is heavily segregated, and the reason why is no secret.
“HUD bureaucrats will be in a position to decide on their own whether your particular town meets their ideal of racial and
In King v. Burwell, decided Thursday, the court ruled 6-3 to reject a lawsuit brought by conservatives that would have stripped
Thomas went on to express his concern that using the presence of racial disparities as evidence of discrimination would lead