housing first

We need every weapon available to us to combat this problem. I would not want to have to look at a homeless veteran in the eye and say, "Research told us that we didn't need transitional housing, so I'm sorry, I don't have a bed for you." That goes against everything I've learned in 23 years of serving homeless veterans.
I'm not a politician. I'm not a social worker. I'm a mother. I'm a writer. I'm a doer. And, the issue of homelessness in Seattle has been weighing on my conscience: I NEEDED to do something.
In reality, we should not expect them to come to us. We should continue going to them. Even if we have to search for the
Unfortunately, no. I spent some time studying Utah's data and found that the miraculous 91 percent reduction in chronic homelessness
Isabel Ivanescu knows there are thousands of vacant homes in the city, and too many people living on the street.
"You are not alone." Reverend Chuck Booker's words cut through the silence in the chapel, through the cold rain clattering on the chapel's windows, through the heaviness in my heart.
We have gotten here by upending conventional notions about homeless people, deploying programs that work, and because of stalwart support from the District's elected officials. Just think of the other problems we could solve with this same commitment.
Our clients face indignities every day of their lives, and if we can eliminate them just this one time, I want to. So, yeah. I'll keep wondering what else I've overlooked.
A soft-spoken, charismatic man who had lived on our streets, off and on, for 27 years, Bethesda Cares had placed Tony into
Sometimes my job breaks my heart. Today was one of those days. My desk is in earshot of Bethesda Cares' reception desk, in our Drop-In Center for clients suffering homelessness.
At the conclusion of the pilot program, just 6% of clients remained homeless.
Recently, Thanksgiving brought the predictable LA Times coverage of the glowing altruism delivered to the notoriously vulnerable and underserved homeless residents of Skid Row. Once the turkey was put away, Kim Kardashian got back in her Bentley, and the rock band stopped serenading, I doubt the residents of Skid Row were left with much hope for the future.
"We used to underestimate the stabilizing impact that housing has.”