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Soprano Heidi Stober springs to new heights as Norina in Don Pasquale at San Francisco Opera. With her opening night performance Stober marked a smashing entrance into bel canto opera and sparked what looks like a long-term association with composer Gaetano Donizetti and friends. Who around here knew she could sing like that?
Two new documentaries focus on the power of the arts to inspire people in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps." Instead, they show how the arts can give disadvantaged youth hope for brighter futures and more meaningful lives.
During our recent conversation, we talked about the discipline involved for the tenor who has Rodolfo on his performance calendar. Rodolfo is a physically climactic role. A succession of performances requires much more than muscle memory.
It takes 16 students to register for a class to stay opened. But I always suspected. Alvaro told us about how he would soon
In eight words, the German Jewish philosopher summed up the monumental challenge art has faced after the horrors of the Holocaust: How can art retain its redemptive and curative powers after such methodical human extermination?
Today, Egypt is troubled. As my country becomes more politically polarized, sectarian violence continues to rock its society.
Discover what it is in you that is calling out to be heard. Read books, watch movies, take walks and talk with those you love. Explore other aspects of yourself. Yes, a singer is an artist, but higher still, you are the creator of a far greater work -- your life.
In light of the SCOTUS ruling of June 26, 2013 I thought I would share some news from the opera world. The Santa Fe Opera
Experiencing the music of Richard Wagner can be excruciating, something even the composer himself admitted. While finishing Tristan and Isolde, Wagner predicted that the final act is "bound to drive people mad."
Although I attended the 1987 world premiere of Nixon in China (and saw subsequent performances in 1988 and 1990), last month marked the first time I had seen Nixon in China in 22 years. A lot has happened in the interim.
During the performance, I detected shifts of uneasiness and stifled sobs emanating from an audience largely comprised of Persian émigrés; the premiere was met with an irrepressible standing ovation.
There is one opera I want to see in 2012:Willie Stark by Carlisle Floyd. Opera companies are missing the boat if they do not produce it this year.
I have been known to cut a rug to "Hava Nagila" at the right moment, but was this really what I needed to hear while waiting for a breast exam? I found it hard to sit still and focus on the task at hand so I found myself pacing. I had to step back and ask myself, why?
Is home where we are born? Or is home where we live most of our lives? Is our home with the family we leave behind? Or is
Whether deploying a chorus line of Ku Klux Klansmen, mocking every symbol of Christianity, or filling the theatre with nonstop profanity, Jerry Springer:The Opera has something to offend everyone.