In a letter obtained by HuffPost, top Democrats say a terror designation for the Houthi militia in Yemen would have devastating consequences and few benefits.
White House aide Brett McGurk, Republican lawmakers and the United Arab Emirates want to restore a Trump-era terror designation for the Houthi militia.
A second strike, targeting a telecommunications building, killed at least three children and knocked the internet offline.
After HuffPost reported on Adel Al-Hasani’s detention by fighters connected to the United Arab Emirates, the Biden administration pushed for his release.
At the root of the recent spike in tensions appears to be Trump’s decision a year ago to pull out of the nuclear deal.
Saudi news agency SPA reports that an Egyptian resident is dead as a result of seven missiles fired into the country from Yemen.
The country is being ravaged by war.
A nearly three-week military blockade has left about 7 million people facing famine.
People at the scene said the warplanes were believed to be from a Saudi-led Arab coalition waging a campaign against the Houthi movement.
It's unknown who was behind the attack.