If you’re not entirely sure whether you’re allowed to pack your favorite can of hairspray, your teenager’s hoverboard, or
  Although this is a prank, the result says a lot about our society. This guy cruises around a grocery store with the help
Put down your tablet--unless you're flying a gyrocopter or a "drone", or you're sailing on a fan or jet-powered hovercraft, or a two wheeled hoverboard... And look up in the sky for new high-flying tech (HFT) or down the street to see a pack of kids coming, each on some one-wheeled thing--something new is upon us.
It can supposedly reach an altitude of 10,000 feet and speeds of 93 mph.
Millennials -- the demographic group also known as Generation Y, Generation Me, and Daesh -- have found it difficult to balance dueling priorities as they exit their parents' basements and enter the real world.
The silliness goes downhill pretty fast.
And it has nothing to do with their fiery explosions.
Rest assured that our phones are safe for the time being. Other products, however, may not be so fortunate. Here's a handy chart provided by the Federal Aviation Administration.