how to be a dad

Defense: Grab the offender by the hair and throw them into a sack of angry badgers. Defense: Pivot so you’re facing away
I've wasted all of these words on food and sports, and now I'm left with nothing in the English language that can even come close to communicating what it means to me to be a father.
My dad taught me more than any other person in my life, even though we lived in separate families, spent more time apart than together, had plenty of arguments and didn't really find peace until I was an adult.
So many of our favorite bloggers have been having babies lately. Yes, some of them have had the real (human) kind -- boys
I said, "I want to go beat things and run fast." She said, "I just want to cry and go to sleep." We probably could've used a dose of each other's advice, truth be told.
Really makes you look at mortality differently, doesn't it? (via
This week in Parenthesis, Jim Griffioen dazzles (again) with his creative kid costumes, Charlie Capen looks back on his child
Just for fun When moms and dads with several kids complain that they feel like “referees,” they don’t always mean it literally