how to be more creative

A new book argues that creativity is hardly a fixed trait. Rather, like any other skill, creativity is something you can train yourself to cultivate with the right kind of practice. In fact, it's more of a science than an art.
1. Doodle Something This is why Google goes to great lengths to provide employees with fun perks such as beach volleyball
"The 'right' music -- meaning, the right music for you at a particular point in time, because it's subjective and idiosyncratic
"I try to remain open to taking risks in my work because I know failure can often lead to something amazing." -Rangeley, Maine
Myth #2: Creativity = Art "Recognizing your natural creativity is the first step in enhancing it," says Goldstein. Just because
Check out Sawyer's book if you want to know more--he claims it offers more than 100 tips on how to be more creative. You
Your surroundings are magical. You just have to look. Photo: AP Start with the basics. Photo: Getty But perhaps no one has
Use your nose. Maybe Schiller was on to something. When your head's not working, your nose might be of assitance. One study