how to be more productive

The morning is a hectic time for women, but especially if you're a mom or busy professional, and have people in your home needing you to help them prepare for the day (making school lunches, helping a spouse get ready for a big day, or just making sure everyone gets a good breakfast!).
Even if you're not employed by a company that offers Ping-Pong tables, nap rooms and on-site massages, you can get more out
You stop going to large networking events or meeting with numerous people for 'coffee.' You start tracking what activities generate the most impact for your business and personal life and let go of those that don't.
On the junk mail note: It might be worthwhile to carve out some time to do some weeding. Unsubscribe from newsletters you
We all have those days where we just. can't. focus. You try to devote your attention to one task, only to be completely whisked
A new study suggests that simply having the choice to sit back and do nothing during your day-to-day grind actually increases
What to do: Eat a bowl of oatmeal (or whole-grain toast with peanut butter, which is apparently the preferred breakfast of
Quick reality check: We live in a busy world where a million things are happening at once. For many of us, multitasking is
There's a good reason why your to-do list is constantly failing you.
If you're nervous about missing something important -- that classic "old FOMO scenario," as Adams puts it -- there are a
By Leigh Newman Grown-up jobs mean grown-up choices. Columnist Leigh Newman tells us what to skip in our daily grind. 1. Don't
5. Ask yourself, "Why do I need this?" before you keep anything. I have a friend who filed the stubs from her gas bills for