how to be more productive

The morning is a hectic time for women, but especially if you're a mom or busy professional, and have people in your home needing you to help them prepare for the day (making school lunches, helping a spouse get ready for a big day, or just making sure everyone gets a good breakfast!).
Do you really need to know there's a Gap sale right now?
You stop going to large networking events or meeting with numerous people for 'coffee.' You start tracking what activities generate the most impact for your business and personal life and let go of those that don't.
So: We know drifting from a project we need to complete is bad, and we should stay focused. But there is so much to be distracted
The stress and strain of constantly being connected can sometimes take your life -- and your well-being -- off course. GPS
"The funny/interesting thing is that most people think that making a 'do nothing' option salient at the time of choice will
What it does: As you repeat the ritual, it will become a habit. And the brain loves habits—they spare cognitive energy and
Get into a routine. This can be helpful if you spend a good chunk of your day on the computer or working from home. Instead
There's a good reason why your to-do list is constantly failing you.
First, remind yourself that you'll actually just be missing out on your weekend. Americans already get hustled when it comes