how to be single

"Raise your hand if you accidentally dated someone for 9 months because you could easily share appetizers."
"Pooping with the door open. You'll never know a truer form of freedom."
“Why? Because not everyone can handle fabulous.”
Someone slipped a sheet of paper into my mailbox. It looked like junk, and, in my haste, I almost threw it out.
"I'm having pizza for breakfast and there's no one here to judge me."
I sort of stumbled upon long-term singlehood. First it was a deliberate choice, and then it was just how my life unfolded naturally. Can't hurry love. And can't force it either. Here's what I learned during my 1/2 decade as a declared bachelorette in my late twenties.
Dubai is the new mecca -- pardon the pun -- of the single and fun seeking. There are communal lunches, morning markets that encourage interaction, Polo brunches and wine and cheese evenings that can't be beat.