how to budget

Bari Tessler, the author of The Art of Money, shares an essential practice that helps define what a happy life looks like for you—and the financial goals to get there.
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It was after several months of blowing between $800 and $1,200 on food alone that I realized it was time for a change.
Being student-loan-free means I'm old. As in, I should have my life figured out by now. I should be married (which I'm not), have kids (which I don't) and know what I want to do career-wise (again, I don't). I'm almost 29 and don't know what the rest of my life will look like.
With holiday spending and New Year's resolutions fresh in our mind, January is a good month to get serious about paying down your debt.
If you have an ex -- which most of us do -- you've probably received the "You're better off without them," speech from a friend. But what if the breakup left you better off in unexpected ways? Say, richer?
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