Last week was a harrowing one, and with this Monday we begin again, facing a new week with a familiar sense of trepidation, of disharmony, of fear that we've come to expect if still not comfortable with. I'm certain as the national conventions kick off in both political parties this week, the unrest will continue. What I hope, sincerely but desperately, is that as conflict
Even happy occasions and positive changes are stressful, and it helps to recognize how to manage them for our health and happiness. Here are six things you can do to lower the stress and maximize the positives of the transition...
It's true that unexpected death messes with your world in a way few things can. Adding to this list, or creating a whole new one of your own, might give you just the tiniest roadmap inside a wholly disorienting time.
The Best And Worst Ways To Cope With Stress originally appeared on By Lauren A. Greene From natural disasters
I was born in a very conservative county in Pennsylvania -- population of approximately 7,000 -- where I was raised by my
Play. Remember what it was like to have fun? For many parents, life is about crossing things off a to-do list. Without time
I watch but don't buy -- I think it's better to keep money out of the relationship.
Sometimes one can't reduce or eliminate the stress. Some things are out of our control no matter what choices and decisions we make. In this case, reducing stress means reducing your reaction to stress.
Whether you're talking about it with them or not, your kids are thinking about the headlines they see and hear about in the news.
The most elemental requirement for recharging your battery is addressing your body's basic needs for sleep, exercise and nutrition. Without those, your body won't be able to reboot.