how to fall asleep

Lack of shut-eye can wreak havoc on your health. Learn what you can do to sleep better.
Ireland-based entrepreneur Donal O'Conghaile is obsessed with finding ways to save time, work smarter, sleep easier and simply
If only you had more energy during the day, you would be more efficient and get more done. But if you cannot sleep at night, how in the world will you have the energy? There are so many reasons why you might be having difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep soundly, but rather than wrack your brain trying to figure it out, try some of these tips and see if the problem resolves itself.
Of course you wish you were sleeping. It's just not happening. And here you are, in the wee hours of the morning, staring
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As a couples therapist I've observed that when a couple is angry at each other, one partner often deals with it by avoidance and falls asleep while the other glares, sometimes feeling the urge to smack 'em.