how to get over a breakup

It's not just about getting dumped (but that hurts, too).
Research suggests that people may crave their ex-partner similarly to the way addicts crave a drug they are withdrawing from
I'm writing this post with a lot of love for women who are nursing a broken heart.
Imagine if you felt beautiful things with your ex. Imagine if you wished them well and hoped they found somebody great, because that's what they deserve, as do you. Divorce allows us to have a second, third, or even fourth shot at love. There's no limit to the amount of love that we can have in our lives.
What did the happy-after-heartbreak people do differently? They found themselves, Lewandowski says. As he explains it, a
Heartbreak hurts so deeply because it pulls at that raw abandonment nerve we all share. It rips us open to the core, overwhelming us with powerful emotions -- loss, despair, panic, shame, hopelessness -- that seem all out of proportion to the actual event. Here are 12 facts to help you:
It's not that you stop missing them all together. It's not that you don't ever long for the sound of their laugh. It's not that you forget what it felt like to love them. It's just that you remember what it feels like to love yourself.
Participants in the second group, which extensively dissected breakups, had an easier time regaining self-concept after those