how to handle stress

It gets at something beneath the surface and can break open the path toward healing.
First, how to deal with angry criticism. Someone is mad already and now they're letting you have it. What to do?
Depression causes people to isolate themselves, and isolation leads to further decline in mood. Getting around other people can help break the cycle. If you're not able to get out by yourself, ask for help from a friend, family member, or neighbor. Join a community center. Take a class.
Instead of wasting energy by catastrophizing about stressful situations, SEALs spend hours in mental dress rehearsals before
We confided in Lisa Chan, one of Los Angeles’ most popular reflexologists and holistic healers, to ask for some easy to use
But with a little self-awareness, you can teach yourself to do the same. For those of us who skew more stressed, it can be
When working the way it's meant to, stress can be very productive. But when stress is chronic, it isn't serving you and can really take a toll on your health, affecting sleep, mood, concentration, immune functioning and blood pressure as well as many other biological processes.
Styling your life is all about taking accountability for what exists in your orbit and implementing practices that reinforce the intention of loving yourself and living out your goals.
-Relive What's Good When a friend asks you how you're doing, resist the temptation to download that awful commute; instead
These similarities between stressed rats and students are remarkable, and Cornell students can learn quite a few lessons