how to pack

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Whether you're going on a weekend trip or an overseas jaunt, here's how to keep yourself -- and your supplies -- in great condition.
I find that it's a special skill set and even a challenge for myself to never, ever check a bag. (Even though I have elite status on my regular airline and can check a bag for free.)
No matter your packing personality, most people are always wondering what are the best clothes to pack, which outfits are the cutest and most comfortable for traveling, what's in style in different places, etc.
I am an awesome packer. I pack light, never bring more than what fits in a carry-on, and always have what I need. But I'm horrible at packing. If it were possible to be diagnosed with a packing disorder, I would be. Here are my symptoms
Pack your soap and wash cloth together by making this simple case Use a clip to protect your razor blade Store a DIY manicure
I'm just going to say what you're probably thinking: packing is a b*tch! Fashion blogger and author Leandra Medine teamed
Indeed, this survey focused solely on British travelers -- we can only hope these statistics don't apply quite as strongly