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There are no fees for using Qapital. Be aware, though, that your account won't earn interest like a traditional savings account
Most major insurance companies offer bundling policies, including Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, and online provider
Most of these money-saving tactics don’t hurt a bit. Some might even make you healthier.
I know, you're probably used to seeing horror stories about spouses that run up massive credit card bills and go into financial ruin because of an addiction to clicking "Add to Cart". But, there's another side to the world of e-commerce that can help provide stability and improve the life of every member of your household.
If you've ever applied for auto insurance you know your insurer will ask how many miles you drive each year. What may be surprising, however, is the impact those annual miles may (or may not) have on your car insurance premiums.
More families are struggling and living paycheck to paycheck than ever before. We've been there ourselves, and many of our best friends are living this way financially. And I bet that if you're not there yourself, you are still very familiar with living on the financial brink.
The most important part of getting a great deal is feeling as though you got one. However, getting a great deal is not as complicated as it seems. There are lots of tools available for you to use. All it takes is a little persistence and an unwillingness to say no.
Add up all of the above. I just found you $400. Now I know there are some so trapped in poverty that this in no way applies to them. But we are talking almost half of Americans today would struggle with a $400 emergency. At what point do you finally declare a financial emergency and start saving?
Many families get by with a college-aged baby sitter most of the summer. If you're comfortable with it, you could instead hire an older high school student. You may not get the benefit of a sitter who can drive kids to activities. However, less experienced sitters command a lower rate, saving you money.
Although you're probably already getting a good deal on an item if you buy it on Amazon, there are still other ways you can save money when shopping at this online retailer.
Not only does this pharmacy offer medications, groceries, beauty products and a variety of everyday items, but Walgreens also provides medical care and immunizations at its walk-in clinics in more than 400 of its stores.
4. Know and Own Your Savings Style What kind of saver are you? Are you an "easy come, easy go" type who spends all money
I was asked how a mom who is unemployed can manage her finances. Here are my answers, 7 Ways to Manage Finances Through Unemployment, in interview style format.
By Cameron Huddleston, Columnist With more than 9,500 stores, CVS has the largest network of pharmacies in the U.S. You can
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Whether you've been together for years or decades, as newlyweds your 2015 taxes may be the first time as an LGBT married couple you'll be filing jointly on your federal return.
March is the cheapest time of the year for ham, said Teri Gault, author of "Shop Smart, Save More." Grocery store rewards