how to save your marriage

5. “You had me at hello.” Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost Divorce on Facebook and Twitter. This is pretty much the world's
Divorced people tend to think about sex; we’re either freaked out about how long it’s been since we had it or freaked out
A Hail-Mary-Moon cruise saved my marriage.
A relationship breakdown begins with passive communication: jabs, nagging, insults, ignoring your partner's needs, expecting your partner to know what's wrong.
What does it take to stay married to one person, under one roof, for the rest of your life?
We asked, you answered: What five words could save a marriage? According to Huffpost blogger Robert Hughes, it's "trying
Want to avoid divorce? Want to give your marriage the best chance for lasting success? Before it's too late, date!
I've noticed many husbands caught completely off guard when their wife announces that she wants out. So wake up guys -- wedded bliss takes work, and counselors are cheaper than alimony.
It seems like the ultimate irony - the least likely outcome to an act of betrayal that for most people spells the end of