how to stay warm

When your hands and feet feel frozen, try these tips to get warm.
The cold life is a struggle.
Take a Vase Breath At MIT, there's a cool, futuristic bracelet-like gadget under development. It's called Wristify, and the
I've learned a few things about how to keep exploring comfortably and safely instead of shivering into the hotel or cruise sauna for half the vacation. So pull off your gloves, cozy up with a steaming drink, and take note.
Everybody at the office will be jealous of your USB-powered ladybug slipper As seen on Twistand 7. A USB
Be warned, as this might make you want to spit out your coffee, but that hot drink you're sipping on could actually be making you colder.
It's freezing out there. Make sure you're getting warm the right way!