how to stop complaining

We choose how we perceive our circumstances and if we practice viewing the bigger picture, there's a good chance we'll see something we like. When we do, that pesky whinger remains on a leash.
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HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. As part of our ongoing series, we speak with Sibyl Chavis about her journey to stop complaining and refocus her life.
Go-givers are people who look beyond the go-getter approach to success and work to redefine success to include the importance of giving back.
Turning 60 myself, I'm not unfamiliar with my generation's worries, nor guilt free when it comes to whining about them. But does all the complaining actually help?
Complaints are the rotten eggs that you are currently investing in. Even worse, you are gifting them to those around you. I'm about to show you the price you are paying for your grievances.
To change our complaining habit, we have to adjust how we navigate this cycle. Here are seven steps you can take to stop this habit and regain some of your personal power.