how to throw a party

So you're going to be a grown-up Saturday night...
But you also need to figure out the food and beverage situation. You're entering perilous waters, full of rocky shoals and
So, you want to throw a great party? Start working on the guest list.
Try keeping the guest list to close pals only. That way they'll be almost as invested in the surprise aspect as you are and they won't go accidentally blurting it out. And those friends you know are loose cannons? Wait till the day before to send them an invitation.
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"As part of the party atmosphere -- and as a great way to personalize the party -- we covered the ceilings in huge balloons
Cocktails are a great way to make people a) hungry and b) relaxed. Do everything that you can ahead of time, so you barely
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Who doesn't love a good party? Although what makes a party fun is different for everyone, we're going to venture to say that
Flickr photo by x-ray delta one When you're inviting people into your home, regardless of the occasion, you're really taking
Full bar in the dining room. Use your sideboard as a full-sized bar, or spread it out on the dining room table. Another option
People tell me all the time that they are intimidated to host a dinner party. I want to demystify the process as much as possible, because honestly, cooking a meal for friends is one of the most rewarding things in life.
The art of the presentation is paramount and simple, delicious foods always impress a crowd rather than complicated recipes that have you sobbing over a hot stove.
Enjoy your moment, go with the flow and have fun!