Howard Brookner

The new documentary Uncle Howard is an inspired compilation of recovered footage, interviews, a story of discovery by Aaron
I wanted to evoke that. Without feeling nostalgic and sad, I wanted the audience to think of the damage of the AIDS epidemic
The star is featured in a new documentary about filmmaker Howard Brookner.
Berlin, so far, has been cathartic for me. I've watched a movie, The Dreamed Ones by Ruth Beckermann, that reinvents the idea of romance and takes it to a cerebral level, thus suggesting the concept that in order to love, we don't have to be next to a person, it's enough to feel them to carry them in our heart.
Stewart found the Best Supporting Actress honor unexpected, given the movie Clouds of Sils Maria came out a year ago, but acknowledged that her work with Olivier Assayas was important to her because he was one of those directors able to "pull it out of me," even though she is a global star of popcorn movies.
We moved to Chelsea Gardens on 23rd Street [in Manhattan], Paul and I. And then every day when I would go to the gym down
That decade was "nice in a way," Gooch told HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on Friday. "It was colorful and it
The movie, thought lost, is making its comeback through the efforts of Howard Brookner's nephew, filmmaker Aaron Brookner.
The Howard Brookner Facebook profile is full of photos of the acclaimed filmmaker, whose films include "Robert Wilson and
AB: He was a loving paternal figure to me as a kid. I grew up in Greenwich Village and I was always nearby him. He would