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Ironically, some of the same fears that helped Trump win in 2016 could deliver the Democratic nomination to the Vermont senator, the GOP pollster says.
The president leapt at a Fox News report that quoted the editor's upcoming book.
Already many hardcore conservative backers of Trump are reading the immigration issue into a hidden agenda that Fox has to
In his latest searing dispatch covering the media for Fox News, Howard Kurtz lowers the boom on the "reckless rhetoric from
Kelly seems to think, however, that Stephanopoulous' problem may stretch beyond just one debate. "If you announce that you
Okay, so media critic Howard Kurtz doesn't want us to talk about 2016. But the problem is that a couple dozen Republican hopefuls do... and they're running plays that merit our attention.
Kurtz agreed, calling it one of "the most cringe-inducing" things he's ever seen and comparing it to a skit from "Saturday
Fox News hosts addressed the networks controversial decision to post the video showing the burning alive of a Jordanian fighter
BOLEN: Looking ahead to your work with Congress next year, you’ve mentioned as an area of possible compromise tax reform
Comedian and pudding pop addict Bill Cosby was accused of rape on Tuesday by model Janice Dickinson, who joins a growing
Kurtz pointed out that Gruber did make an appearance on left-leaning MSNBC, but that anchor Ronan Farrow -- who has “zero
Howard Kurtz Slams Ronan Farrow For Conducting Soft Interview
"I bring ratings to those shows," he continued. "When I go on Letterman or I go on the morning shows, their ratings go up
"This is such a horrible idea to make this exploitative movie so soon after the tragedy," Kurtz said. Fox News' Howard Kurtz
MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz said that Fox News "fell seriously short" in its coverage of Bundy following an interview with
Howard Kurtz freaks out over Colbert Report segment
Kurtz proceeded to list off a number of reasons why Colbert's segment was misleading, asking him why he didn't manage to
[Note: Ashburn, a regular "Media Buzz" contributor, is not particularly bright.] The open question, of course, was whether