The "James Dean of ballet" wants to shake up the dance world for good.
"Voodoo" Interview Fox's first single "Burn Fast" garnered some attention, and his recently released "Horns" has already
The video shines a much-needed spotlight on the effects of domestic violence.
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, music brought activism to the masses via a renaissance of tribute songs and safe-sex messaging
This was my first time going and I had a blast. I got to see my friends from all over the states, who I usually don't get to see without Skype, and got lost in the music. ACL, you won me over and I can't wait until next year.
The two artists profiled today -- Austin Plaine and Kalle Mattson -- are the kinds of musicians months or a year from now your friends will tell you to "hey, you gotta check them out."
What do Adele, Foster The People, Hozier, Norah Jones, Arcade Fire, Lorde, Beck, Coldplay, The Black Keys and Sia all have in common?
The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2015 ended its first day with a bang. And a series of lightning flashes. Then torrential rain, but not before headliners from Wilco to Keith Urban to Jimmy Cliff worked in as much music as they could before the weather shut down their respective stages.
Every year Coachella goers expect a substantial line-up that offers at least a little bit for everybody, and this year was no exception.
From Renly Baratheon to Joffrey, and likely Tommen next season, Natalie Dormer's Margaery Tyrell has had to kiss a bunch
Before Jody's red slippers, there was throwback Kate Bush. If anyone can make the lyrics "let's have a toast for the douchebags
What happens when you combine the talents of Russia's ballet bad boy Sergei Polunin, Irish gospel luminary Hozier and photography
Annie Ramona It's okay, Annie. We all get a little Ramotional sometimes. At the 2015 Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Annie
The Grammys are upon us. As I ponder the nominees in the category of "Song of the Year" on my Recording Academy voting ballot I'm happy to report that all five compositions were written by no more than three songwriters. Why does this make me smile?