All your favorite Solitaire games are now in one place: Classic Solitaire, Tri-peaks Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Free Cell
The popularity and increasing innovation of video game play is providing a new and surprisingly fresh framework for policy discussions about education reform.
Next time you're tempted to lecture your kids about wasting too much time on video games, first check out which games they're playing -- it turns out they may actually be learning important life lessons.
Yes, on paper, office work doesn't sound as exciting as shooting zombies, but in practice, the following five games with corporate settings still prove that there's plenty of fun to be had by playing games at work.
Through role-playing games, you take on someone else's point of view and evaluate every key decision through that person's eyes. That's the very definition of empathy.
"Gamification" in the real world is not new. Countless aspects of our society -- from tax incentives to local elections -- can be explained in terms of game mechanics.
Games let players interact with a story, rather than passively consume it. This keeps them engaged.