“Desperate Housewives” actor Marcia Cross is looking to end the stigma around anal cancer and raise awareness about the disease.
“So I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other,” the tech mogul said.
One possible reason for this link is that IUDs might trigger an immune response that helps fight HPV infections.
This article was originally published by Child Trends on July 5, 2016. A lot of what we hear or read in the news about vaccination
For Teen Vogue, by Brittney McNamara.  Vaginas are truly perfect. They have self-cleaning mechanisms, hair to protect you
Cervical cancer continues to wreak global havoc, and the underuse of a promising vaccine is an unfortunate reality that we must work to reverse.
A chronicle of the medical community’s mistakes getting the HPV vaccine out.
Remember, HPV vaccination is effective only if given before an individual is exposed to HPV. Providing the vaccine before a child becomes sexually active insures long-term protection against life-threatening HPV-related cancer later in life.
The argument has never been to test or not to test. The question is whether to co-test. With these two extraordinary studies, any doubts have been put to rest.
Some may think another cancer awareness week is like Hallmark's Friendship Day -- nice, but not necessary. National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week will take place April 10-16, 2016, and it's more important than ever because there actually is a big lack of awareness.
April is STD Awareness Month. The new term for STD is STI -- sexually transmitted infection -- to focus on the infection rather than the disease it could lead to. One way to mark the occasion is to get tested for HIV and thus help eradicate the stigma.