Funniest Tweets From Women

"'I'm in the trenches' *opens laptop in air conditioned cafe*"
"i saw a single tiktok in which a woman mispronounced gnocchi 'yonkees' and unfortunately for everyone in my life i am going to say it that way forever now."
"when kate moss said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels i take that with a grain of salt bc she was british"
"Do you panic that you’re choosing the wrong answer during an eye exam or are you normal."
"All this time I thought I was a good person but how I react to slow walkers in front of me would really suggest that I’m absolutely not a good person"
"i have the opposite of fomo like leave me out of all of your plans please."
"Air and Space Museum should have a plane emergency slide you can go down just to get to experience it"
"The women's bathroom at a club is the closest we'll ever get to Barbie world"
"no he was 3 boyfriends ago, my great great boyfriend"
"the irish catholic goodbye is when you leave a party and then feel really really guilty about it"