H.R. McMaster

"If the president hires only the best people, why aren’t they still on the job?"
Another day, another White House departure. This time it’s National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster turning his back on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
"I’m not gonna sugarcoat this: we’re f**ked."
He's one of the most controversial figures in foreign policy.
The story dropped the same day we learned Jared Kushner had lost his top-secret security clearance.
The politicization of agencies, the undermining of aides and the general disorder have dissuaded professionals from joining a White House that needs them.
Credit where it is due, Senator McCain. In the case of "Clear, Hold and Build," that credit belongs to H.R. McMaster and those who tried for so long to have his strategy implemented; too long for the many lives that have been lost.