Even when CENTCOM finally responds, numbers are likely to diverge significantly: by August 2015, the SOHR estimated that 181 civilians were killed in coalition airstrikes while US-CENTCOM reported the death of only two.
In Sweden, where I was born, all that's needed to travel is a Google search for hotel deals and a few clicks to book a flight. Yet in the Gaza Strip, where my parents were born and I live now, being able to travel is akin to achieving a miracle.
A suicide bomber struck the minibus with workers from Tolo TV
In order to genuinely win the hearts and minds of the ordinary citizens, the Somali leadership must not hasten making decisions on their behalf or self-interest by signing any treaty at a disadvantaged position with countries that have more negative record than positive.
- 'Medical supplies running short' - Citing witnesses, residents and a government security official, HRW said in its report
The group notified 10 tobacco companies of its findings, including Altria Group Inc, Lorillard Inc, Philip Morris International
If NATO withdraws before the Afghan government can effectively defend Afghanistan against the ongoing attacks by Pakistan's proxies, the country will experience a bloody competition for power, even worse than the 1990s.
You've probably heard of Time's outrageous pro-Afghanistan-War cover art. Now, Katie Couric has compounded the distortion by giving Time's Rick Stengel an even bigger megaphone for his outrageous pro-war spin campaign.
The Rwandan government should investigate all incidents of violence and ensure that opposition activists and journalists are able to carry out their legitimate activities in safety.
At Shalio Hill, Congolese army soldiers killed at least 50 refugees as they tried to flee. After the attack, one group of
Created through extensive investigative work from HRW staff, the 612-page report summarizes major human rights trends in
What has happened to the innocent in Congo goes far beyond anything that rational minds can comprehend. Is this why the US has turned such a blind eye to what is happening there?
Reported have said that joint military operations between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo have been a catastrophic failure. Now satellite imagery of the Busurungi area in North Kivu clearly shows burned villages.
If anyone thinks that the United States is off the hook, think again. The final report of the United Nations Group of Experts
The warrant of arrest for Katanga, AKA "Simba," reads like something from Dante's description of the Third Circle of Hell
Marc Garlasco of Human Rights Watch collects Nazi-era Wehrmacht memorabilia and has published a 450-page book on the subject. The Likud-America blogosphere is going Glenn Beck on this story.
"The policemen, the security forces are turning a blind eye to the killings, they are sympathetic with the militias," he
Image: Howard Wolpe (Brandeis University) Diplomats, as I have indicated, seldom know much about these techniques, but they
Kabila's army is committing a majority of the atrocities, and Hillary is going to be face to face with the butcher. Can Clinton offer a moral compass in this humanitarian tragedy, or will we once again turn our back on humanity?