Hu Jintao

China is a great nation with extraordinary potential. But it faces equally significant challenges. It will fare better in the future with a more transparent political system. Ultimately the PRC's leaders will find it ever harder to hide the most important decisions from public view.
It is worth remembering that, in his wisdom more than 200 years ago (when China was the world's largest economy), George
In spite of the fact that most Americans now see China as the next superpower, we know little about the Chinese. The time has come to get to know your dragon.
BEIJING -- Corruption in a democracy doesn't mean the political system is not democratic. In contrast, China prides itself on being a political meritocracy that selects and promotes leaders with superior ability and virtue. The value of meritocracy is central to Chinese political culture. The higher the level of political corruption, the less meritocratic the political system. Hence, the regime will lack legitimacy if its leaders are seen to be corrupt.
BEIJING -- Last weekend, Chinese authorities announced the arrest of the former head of the country's internal security services
I appeal to President Xi Jinping to commit to progressing the recommendations made by UN member states on Tibet. He should immediately agree on dates for a visit from Navi Pillay, so that she may investigate the Tibetan grievances which have contributed to the tragic wave of self-immolations over the last two years.
In a century marked by increasing complexity and interdependence, the betterment of the ones does not equal the regression of others, and, far from being a zero-sum game, economic convergence and global coordination can bring more security and prosperity for all.
This style of reform is necessary if China is truly going to liberalize and we at the University of Louisville's Center for Asian Democracy (CAD) were disappointed to see that Wang himself was not appointed to the politburo standing committee in November.
Will the fifth generation of leadership led by President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang, signal China remains future-focused? Will they make moves to manage intra-Party conflicts of interest that, to date, have precluded meaningful political and economic reform?
China's current 18th Party Congress that ended this week may prove even more important that America's just-fought election.
Every 10 years, China undergoes a highly secretive selection process in which a generation of Communist Party leaders pass
China's communist elite are meeting to install a new generation of leaders in a process that is part public show and part
The Communist Party Congress is shifting power to the next generation of Chinese. What will these mean for the US and the future of the country?
"We must uphold the leadership of the party," Hu said. "All those who violate party discipline and state laws, whoever they
"For many years, Comrade Jang Song-thaek has done a great deal of work to develop neighbourly friendship between China and
Two major events in China are sure to shape the world's newest superpower: the sensational murder trial of Madame Gu Kailai, and the top secret leadership conclave at the seaside resort of Beidaihe.
China's soft power agenda has become a dangerous fault line. It will be an extraordinary challenge for China's new leadership to strengthen the country's cultural sphere while also maintaining the kind of global engagement that will make greater soft power useful.
Two of them said Hu had convened this month's meeting at the Jingxi Hotel, the party's heavily guarded conference hotel in
The world is greatly benefiting from the French and Chinese humanistic traditions, but in a century of unprecedented interdependence, it is the quality of their articulation which can make a difference.
Corruption is literally built into the foundations of modern China. The construction and infrastructure sectors are two of the most corrupt in country, putting at risk China's vaunted development, and also potentially endangering its neighbors.