Federal prosecutors have charged Chinese tech company Huawei with racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets from U.S. companies. The indictment also alleges Huawei violated U.S. sanctions by conducting business with Iran and North Korea.
“You cannot sell the privacy of the people of your country down the river,” Pelosi said.
Washington has repeatedly warned that the Beijing-based firm poses a security risk and any access to Britain’s 5G would put intelligence-sharing in jeopardy.
Negotiations are "back on track," Trump tells reporters in Osaka.
A 13-count indictment was unsealed in New York.
Polish authorities have accused Wang Weijing of spying on behalf of China.
The two cases ratchet up pressure on Canada, which is holding Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies.
Meng Wanzhou, who is also the daughter of the company's founder, faces possible extradition to the United States.
Xi Jinping's foreign policy hinges on realizing "the China dream." But, beyond a nationalistic desire to "stand tall" on the global stage, few Westerners can articulate the underlying dynamics and motivations of Beijing's increasingly assertive behavior.
Soaring rents are edging workers out.