hubble telescope

NASA has just completed construction of the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to its 25-year old sibling.
Jean Wilkinson has built a substantive career as a contemporary artist, never falling prey to sensation or shock value. Her approach has been quite progressive for decades, having focused on a number of issues including gender, race and identity as it relates to perception.
We only have 30 million years until it plows into the Milky Way.
Using the telescope, an international team of astronomers found more than 250 galaxies that existed just 600 to 900 years after the Big Bang. Because these galaxies are so far away, it took 12 billion years for their light to reach the Hubble’s lense.
With the country's first Catholic Settlement, the State's first Biological Lab, an important archeological conservation lab, a Naval Air Station, ancient fossils for the taking, incredible kayaking and a burgeoning food scene, this unsung, but incredibly important region -- within an hour's drive of Washington D.C. -- won't be unsung for long.
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(Story continues below images.) The galaxy EGS-zs8-1 as shown in a Hubble image of a field of galaxies. Yale astronomer Pascal
Centuries from now, when historians look back at the discoveries that have shaped our view of the universe, I believe that the Hubble Space Telescope will have earned its place.