While women's professional sports leagues are growing their business and are still relatively young, the American obsession with sports is still largely focused on men.
I figured that I'd never bond with my daughters over music. But something happened a few months ago that may have turned the tables -- literally.
This global call urged the IOC to condemn Russia's anti-gay law before the Olympic Games and urge Russia to ensure the security of all visitors, athletes and Russian people before, during, and after the Games.
Stallworth said that Ayanbadejo -- or "B.A." as he calls him -- was a big reason he signed on to the anti-homophobia fight
He also said that one's sexuality should be left "at home" -- even though heterosexual players are able to be very public
Sport is meant to be our national forum for tolerance and equality. Treating gay people differently implies that being gay is abnormal! Does anyone still believe that the Earth is flat? Or that the Mets have a shot at the playoffs in 2013?